International Monetary Fund. Secretary's Department
Published Date:
November 1981
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  1. 1981 Annual Report

  2. Report of the Chairman of the Interim Committee

    (Fund Document No. 4)

  3. Joint Development Committee

    • (a) Annual Report

      (Fund Document No. 5)

    • (b) Review of Performance

      (Fund Document No. 6)

  4. Financial Statements and Audit Report

    (Appendix VIII of 1981 Annual Report and Fund Documents Nos. 7 and 8)

  5. Administrative Budget for Financial Year Ending April 30, 1982

    (Appendix VI of 1981 Annual Report and Fund Documents Nos. 8 and 9)

  6. Amendments of Rules and Regulations

    (Fund Document No. 10)

  7. Selection of Officers and Joint Procedures Committee for 1981–82

  8. Consideration of the Report of the Joint Committee of the Boards of Governors (The Muldoon Report)

    (Fund Document No. 11) 1

  9. Procedures Governing Attendance at Meetings of the Board of Governors 1

Items added to Agenda pursuant to Section 6(b) of the By-Laws.

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