Article VI, Section 1: Use of Fund’s Resources for Capital Transfers

International Monetary Fund
Published Date:
September 1962
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Interpretation of Articles of Agreement

The Executive Directors of the International Monetary Fund interpret the Articles of Agreement to mean that authority to use the resources of the Fund is limited to use in accordance with its purposes to give temporary assistance in financing balance of payments deficits on current account for monetary stabilization operations.

Pursuant to Decision No. 71-2

September 26, 1946

Use of Fund’s Resources for Capital Transfers

After full consideration of all relevant aspects concerning the use of the Fund’s resources, the Executive Directors decide by way of clarification that Decision No. 71-2 does not preclude the use of the Fund’s resources for capital transfers in accordance with the provisions of the Articles, including Article VI.

Decision No. 1238-(61/43),

July 28, 1961

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