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International Monetary Fund
Published Date:
December 1978
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    (*indicates Decision as amended)


    General Resources Account:
    Adjustment of currency holdings of members5590-(77/163)47
    Exchange rate for Fund computations5590-(77/163)47
    Purchase of SDRs for payment of charges5702-(78/39) G/S46
    Transfer of special drawing rights to participants to promote reconstitution5699-(78/38) G/S80
    Subsidy Account:
    Amendment of decision after date of Second Amendment5694-(78/35)40
    Annual review and payment for fiscal year 19765144-(76/102) SA38
    Annual review and payment for fiscal year 19775425-(77/79) SA38
    Annual review and rate of subsidy for financial year 19785726-(78/59) SA39
    Adjustment process, international, review5392-(77/63)7
    Articles of Agreement:1
    Article III, Section 2(a), general review of quotasB/G Res. 34-292
    Article IV, exchange arrangements5392-(77/63)9
    Article IV, Section 3, surveillance over exchange rate policies5392-(77/63)6
    Article V, Section 1, borrowing arrangements*1289-(62/1)56
    Article V, Section 3, application of Fund policies to purchases of currency borrowed by Fund*1289-(62/1)53
    purchase of SDRs to promote reconstitution5699-(78/38) G/S80
    Article V, Section 3(b) (iii), waiver5508-(77/127)24
    Article V, Section 3(d), sale of members’ currencies for repurchases5704-(78/39)42
    Article V, Section 6, purchase of SDRs by participants to promote reconstitution5699-(78/38) G/S80
    Article V, Section 7, repurchases*1289-(62/1)53
    Article V, Section 1(b), early repurchases5704-(78/39)41
    Article V, Section 8, media of payment of charges5702-(78/39) G/S46
    Article V, Section 8(b), charges5546-(77/138)11,13,17
    Article V, Section 11, adjustment of Fund’s holdings of members’ currencies5590-(77/163)48
    Article VII,2 replenishment of Fund’s holdings of currencies5508-(77/127)19
    Article VII, Section 1, borrowing by Fund*1289-(62/1)49
    Article VIII, consultations5392-(77/63)9
    Article VIII, Section 3, multiple currency practices5712-(78/41)5
    Article VIII, Section 7, special drawing rightsB/G Res. 34-3105
    Article XIV, consultations5392-(77/63)9
    Article XV, Section 2, valuation of special drawing right5718-(78/46) G/S78
    Article XVIII, allocation of special drawing rightsB/G Res. 34-3103
    Article XIX, Section 6, reconstitution5699-(78/38) G/S80
    Article XIX, Section 7(a), calculation of exchange rates*1289-(62/1)56
    Article XXII, special drawing rightsB/G Res. 34-3105
    Article XXV, Section 6(b),2 rules for reconstitutionB/G Res. 33-191
    Article XXVI, Section 3, borrowing arrangements*1289-(62/1)57
    Article XXVII, borrowing arrangements*1289-(62/1)57
    Article XXVII(a) (i),2 rules for reconstitutionB/G Res. 33-191
    Article XXX(c), exclusion of special facilities5508-(77/127)24
    Article XXX(f), freely usable currencies5719-(78/46)83
    Schedule B, repurchases5699-(78/38) G/S80
    Schedule E, paragraph 125288-(76/167)62
    Schedule G, paragraph 1(a), reconstitution5699-(78/38) G/S80
    Schedule J*1289-(62/1)57
    Schedule K*1289-(62/1)57
    Augmentation; see Stand-by arrangements
    BBank for International Settlements, Trust Fund deposits denominated in SDRs5973-(78/189) TR87
    Agreement with Swiss National Bank:
    Interest, media of payment5331-(77/15)66
    Transfer charges, media of payment5306-(77/2)66
    General Arrangements to Borrow, amendment to conform with Second Amendment of Articles*1289-(62/1)49
    Oil facility:
    Media of repayments5441-(77/84)67
    Transferability of claims5974-(78/190)67
    Buffer stock financing facility:
    1977 International Sugar Agreement5597-(77/171)35
    Exclusion of purchases and holdings for purpose of definition of “reserve tranche purchase”5591-(77/163)82
    Fifth International Tin Agreement5127-(76/91)34
    Borrowing agreements with Swiss National Bank5288-(76/167)59
    Decreases in Fund’s holdings of a currency5700-(78/38)46
    General Arrangements to Borrow#1289-(62/1)53
    Media of payment5702-(78/39) G/S46
    Payment by nonparticipant in Special Drawing Rights Department5702-(78/39) G/S46
    Supplementary financing facility5508-(77/127)24
    Commodity agreements; see Buffer stock financing facility
    Compensatory financing of export fluctuations:
    Review, amendment of decision5348-(77/33)18
    Review when drawings in 12-month period exceed stated amount5088-(76/77)18
    Consultations with members:
    Changes in member’s exchange policy without notification to Fund5712-(78/41)5
    Conduct by Managing Director in interval between Article IV consultations5392-(77/63)10
    Consultations under Article IV5392-(77/63)9
    Special consultations5392-(77/63)9
    Currencies (see also Holdings of the Fund):
    Composition of special drawing right5718-(78/46) G/S78
    Freely usable currencies5719-(78/46)83
    Rates for computations and maintenance of value5590-(77/163)47
    Replenishment in connection with supplementary financing facility5509-(77/127)70
    Selection for payment of charges5702-(78/39) G/S46
    Selection for purchases and repurchases under stand-by and extended arrangements5546-(77/138)13,16
    Selection from operational budget to promote reconstitution5699-(78/38) G/S80
    Specified by the Fund, use in repurchases5703-(78/39)44
    EExchange arrangements, notification5392-(77/63)9
    Exchange rates:
    Exchange rate policies of members, principles for guidance5392-(77/63)7
    Flexible exchange arrangements5712-(78/41)4
    Notification to Fund5392-(77/63)9
    Pegs, notification to Fund of changes5712-(78/41)4
    Exchange taxes, notification to Fund5712-(78/41)5
    Exchange transactions (see also Use of Fund’s resources):
    Purchases under buffer stock financing facility5127-(76/91)34
    Purchases under extended Fund facility5508-(77/127)21
    Purchases under stand-by arrangements5508-(77/127)21
    Purchases under supplementary financing facility5508-(77/127)21, 24
    Use of special drawing rights5546-(77/138)11
    Executive Board:
    Annual review of implementation of surveillance over members’ exchange rate policies5392-(77/63)10
    Communication of changes in members’ exchange arrangements5712-(78/41)5
    Information on operation of buffer stocks5127-(76/91)35
    Notice of repayments under oil facility5441-(77/84)67
    Report by Managing Director on discussion with member on exchange rate policies5392-(77/63)10
    Review of broad developments in exchange rates5392-(77/63)9
    Review of functioning of international adjustment process5392-(77/63)7
    Review of reconstitutionB/G Res. 33-191
    Extended arrangements:
    Augmentation of rights to make purchases, elimination5706-(78/39)17
    Provision for supplementary financing5508-(77/127)19
    Review of decision on extended Fund facility5220-(76/144)19
    Text before and after Second Amendment5546-(77/138)11
    Text to be used for supplementary financing facility5585-(77/161)25
    Extended Fund facility; see Extended arrangements
    FFreely usable currencies5719-(78/46)83
    GGeneral Arrangements to Borrow*1289-(62/1)49
    Repurchase obligations, discharge by payment in SDRs or currencies of other members specified by Fund5703-(78/39)43
    Sale for benefit of developing members, distribution of profits through Trust Fund5709-(78/41) TR86
    5832-(78/95) TR86
    Gold tranche, references5546-(77/138)11
    HHoldings of the Fund:
    Adjustment by Fund5590-(77/163)47
    Attribution of reductions to repurchase obligations5705-(78/39)45
    Computations and adjustment, rates5590-(77/163)47
    Decreases, application of charges5700-(78/38)46
    Exclusion under buffer stock facility5591-(77/163)82
    Exclusion under oil facility5371-(77/51)82
    Replenishment in connection with supplementary financing facility5509-(77/127)70
    Payment on Fund indebtedness to Swiss National Bank5288-(76/167)61
    Payment on Fund indebtedness under General Arrangements to Borrow*1289-(62/1)53
    Payment of interest on transferred claim under oil facility5974-(78/190)68
    Payment under supplementary financing facility5509-(77/127), Annex73
    Payments by members under Trust Fund loan agreements5454-(77/90) TR85
    5610-(77/175) TR85
    5827-(78/91) TR86
    Interim Committee, review of functioning of international adjustment process5392-(77/63)7
    International Sugar and Tin Agreements; see Buffer stock financing facility
    MManaging Director:
    Arrangements for repayments of borrowing under oil facility5441-(77/84)67
    Consultation by member before making request under supplementary financing facility5508-(77/127)20
    Consultation with members when notice of exchange policy change not received5712-(78/41)5
    Discussions with members on exchange policies5392-(77/63)9
    Placement of Trust Fund investments in SDR-denominated deposits5973-(78/189) TR87
    Proposal for allocation of SDRs for third basic periodB/G Res. 34-3103
    Proposals for calls under General Arrangements to Borrow*1289-(62/1)52
    Proposals for Trust Fund investments5973-(78/189) TR87
    Selection of currencies for payment of charges5702-(78/39) G/S46
    Selection of currencies to promote reconstitution5699-(78/38) G/S80
    Multiple currency practices, prior Fund approval5712-(78/41)5
    NNonmetropolitan territories, notification of exchange arrangements5712-(78/41)3
    OOil facility:
    Exclusion of purchases for purpose of definition of “reserve tranche purchase”5371-(77/51)82
    Media of repayments of borrowing5441-(77/84)67
    Transferability of claims5974-(78/190)67
    PParticipants in Special Drawing Rights Department, transfer of SDRs held in General Resources Account5699-(78/38) G/S80
    QQuotas, increases under Seventh General ReviewB/G Res. 34-292
    RReconstitution; see Special drawing rights, Reconstitution
    Replenishment; see Holdings of the Fund
    Attribution of reductions in Fund’s holdings of currencies5705-(78/39)45
    Buffer stock facility, 1977 International Sugar Agreement5597-(77/171)37
    Early, summary of guidelines5704-(78/39)41
    Obligations that accrued in gold5809-(78/88)45
    Obligations to pay gold, payment with SDRs or currencies of other members5703-(78/39)43
    Resulting from purchases under stand-by and extended arrangements after October 1, 19775546-(77/138)11
    Stand-by and extended arrangements after date of Second Amendment5546-(77/138)11
    Supplementary financing facility5508-(77/127)23
    Use of special drawing rights5546-(77/138)11
    Reserve tranche; see Use of Fund’s resources
    Rule G-1* 1289-(62/1)56
    Rule 1-4 (b), charges5700-(78/38)46
    Rule 1-7, charges5700-(78/38)46
    Rule 0-2, determination of exchange rate* 1289-(62/1)56
    Rule O-335288-(76/167)60
    Rule R-25699-(78/38) G/S80
    Rule R-35699-(78/38) G/S80
    SSpecial drawing rights:
    Allocation for third basic periodB/G 34-3103
    Change in method of valuation, effect on claims under supplementary financing facility5509-(77/127), Annex75
    Method of valuation5718-(78/46) G/S78
    Purchases and repurchases under stand-by and extended arrangements5546-(77/138)11,16
    Reduction in minimum average holdings of SDRs5936-(78/168) S81
    ReviewB/G Res. 33-191
    Transfer of SDRs held in General Resources Account to participants to promote5699-(78/38)G/S80
    SDR-denominated deposits with Bank for International Settlements5973-(78/189) TR87
    Use in drawings and repurchases5546-(77/138)11
    Use in payment of charges5702-(78/39) G/S46
    Use in payment of transferred claims under oil facility5974-(78/190)69
    Valuation for use in borrowing arrangements*1289-(62/1)56
    Stabilization of prices of primary products, Fund facility, repurchases (see also Buffer stock financing facility)5703-(78/39)43
    Stand-by arrangements:
    Augmentation of rights to make purchases, elimination5706-(78/39)17
    Provision for supplementary financing5508-(77/127)19
    Text before and after Second Amendment5546-(77/138)11
    Text to be used for supplementary financing facility5585-(77/161)25
    Subsidies, members’ actions, notification to Fund5712-(78/41)5
    Subsidy Account; see Accounts, Subsidy Account
    Supplementary financing facility:
    Implementation: text of stand-by and extended arrangements5585-(77/161)25
    No provision for augmentation of rights to purchase5706-(78/39)17
    Replenishment of Fund’s holdings of currencies5509-(77/127)70
    Surveillance over Exchange Rate Policies5392-(77/63)5
    Swiss National Bank, borrowing agreements with Fund5288-(76/167)59
    Transfer charges and interest, media of payment5306-(77/2)66
    TTrust Fund:
    Distribution of profits from sale of gold for benefit of developing countries5709-(78/41) TR86
    Diversification of investments5972-(78/189)85
    5973-(78/189) TR87
    Eligible members, review of list5563-(77/150) TR84
    Final payments of profits and loans for period July 1, 1976-June 30, 19785832-(78/95) TR86
    Instrument, amendment5563-(77/150) TR84
    Means of payment of interest5454-(77/90) TR85
    5610-(77/175) TR85
    5827-(78/91) TR86
    UUnited States dollars, use for payment of interest and other Fund liabilities5288-(76/167)62
    5454-(77/90) TR85
    5610-(77/175) TR86
    5827-(78/91) TR86
    Use of Fund’s resources (see also Exchange transactions; Repurchases):
    Credit tranche policies, application under supplementary financing facility5508-(77/127)20,24
    Reserve tranche purchase, exclusion of special facilities5371-(77/51)82
    Reserve tranche, references5546-(77/138)11
    Stand-by and extended arrangements before and after Second Amendment5546-(77/138)11
    WWaivers of Article V, Section 3(b) (iii)5508-(77/127)24
    World Economic Outlook, framework for discussions of international adjustment process5392-(77/63)9
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