Selected Decisions Annex (14th Ed)

Policy on Enlarged Access: Borrowing Agreement with the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency—Change in Conversion Arrangements

International Monetary Fund
Published Date:
April 1989
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The Managing Director is authorized to communicate to the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency the Fund’s willingness to accept deutsche mark, French francs, pounds sterling, U.S. dollars, and Japanese yen when an exchange is required of Saudi Arabian riyals borrowed under the agreement authorized in Decision No. 6843-(81/75), adopted May 6, 1981; provided that the members issuing those currencies concur to the use of their currencies held by the Fund for the purposes of investments resulting from such acceptance of their currencies, and provided further that the Fund’s depositories in their territories agree to open and maintain. “Borrowed Resources Suspense Accounts—Cash Accounts” for these purposes.

Decision No. 7188-(82/114) August 20, 1982

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