Selected Decisions, 16th Edition

Article XIX, Section 6

International Monetary Fund
Published Date:
June 1991
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Abrogation of Rules for Reconstitution

The Executive Board, having reviewed the rules for reconstitution in accordance with Article XIX, Section 6(b), decides to abrogate with effect from April 30, 1981:

1. The rules for reconstitution under Schedule G, paragraph 1(a); and

2. Rules R-l through 6 of the Fund’s Rules and Regulations; Decision No. 5699-(78/38) G/S (adopted March 22, 1978, effective April 1, 1978); Decision No. 5936-(78/168) S (adopted October 25, 1978, effective December 11, 1978); and Decision No. 6063-(79/43)S (March 14, 1979).

Decision No. 6832-(81/65) S

April 22, 1981

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