Article XXX(c)

International Monetary Fund
Published Date:
July 2012
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Calculation of Reserve Tranche: Exclusion of Purchases and Holdings

Exclusion of Purchases in the Credit Tranches and Under Extended Fund Facility

1. Purchases in the credit tranches or under extended arrangements (Decision No. 4377-(74/114), September 13, 1974, as amended), and holdings resulting from such purchases, shall be excluded pursuant to Article XXX(c)(iii) for the purpose of the definition of “reserve tranche purchase.”

5. The Fund will review this decision before April 30, 1984.

Decision No. 6830-(81/65),

April 22, 1981,

effective May 1, 1981

Balances Held in Administrative Account

The balances held in the administrative accounts of the Fund, to the extent that they are not in excess of 0.1 percent of a member’s quota, shall not be considered as part of the Fund’s holdings of a member’s currency for the purpose of determining a member’s reserve tranche position in the Fund and for the calculation of holdings for the purposes of charges (Article V, Section 8(b)(ii)); remuneration (Article V, Section 9(a)); and the determination of a member’s entitlement to appoint an Executive Director (Article XII, Section 3(c)). (SM/82/18, 1/26/82)

Decision No. 7060-(82/23),

February 22,1982

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