Article VI, Section 3

International Monetary Fund
Published Date:
July 2012
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Controls on Capital Transfers

Controls on Capital Transfers

The report of the Committee on Interpretation on controls on capital transfers (EBD/56/71, 7/11/56) is approved and the following conclusions are adopted:

Subject to the provisions of Article VI, Section 3 concerning payments for current transactions and undue delay in transfers of funds in settlement of commitments:

(a) Members are free to adopt a policy of regulating capital movements for any reason, due regard being paid to the general purposes of the Fund and without prejudice to the provisions of Article VI, Section 1.

(b) They may, for that purpose, exercise such controls as are necessary, including making such arrangements as may be reasonably needed with other countries, without approval of the Fund.

Decision No. 541-(56/39),

July 25, 1956

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