Selected Decisions and Selected Documents of the International Monetary Fund

Article IX, Section 5

International Monetary Fund
Published Date:
September 1996
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Immunity of Archives

Opening of Fund Archives

The Executive Board decides that outside persons, on request, will be given access to documentary materials maintained in the Fund’s archives that are over 30 years old, provided, however, that access to Fund documents originally classified as “Secret” or “Strictly Confidential” will be granted only upon the Managing Director’s consent to their declassification. It is understood that this consent will be granted in all instances but those which, despite the passage of time, the material remains highly confidential or sensitive. Access to the following will not be granted: (a) legal documents and records maintained by the Legal Department that are protected by attorneyclient privilege; (b) documentary materials furnished to the Fund by external parties, including member countries, their instrumentalities and agencies and central banks, that bear confidentiality markings, unless such external parties consent to their declassification; (c) personnel files and medical or other records pertaining to individuals; and (d) documents and proceedings of the Grievance Committee.

Decision No. 11192-(96/2),

January 17, 1996

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