Selected Decisions and Selected Documents of the International Monetary Fund

Article XII, Section 7 Publication of Reports

International Monetary Fund
Published Date:
August 1999
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Reporting by the Fund of Overdue Obligations

The Executive Board decides that overdue financial obligations to the Fund of members having obligations overdue for six months or more will be reported in aggregate by category of obligation but without identifying the members involved, in the Fund’s Annual Report, quarterly Financial Statements of the General Department and the SDR Department, yearbook issue of Balance of Payments Statistics, and International Financial Statistics.

Declarations of ineligibility to use the Fund’s general resources will be reported in the Fund’s Annual Report and will identify the members concerned, beginning with the 1985 Annual Report.

Decision No. 7931-(85/41)

March 13, 1985

Publicity Upon Declaration of Ineligibility

Effective following the publication of the Annual Report for 1985, the Fund shall issue a press release upon the declaration of a member’s ineligibility to use the general resources of the Fund and thereafter upon the restoration of the member’s eligibility to use the Fund’s general resources, and shall also include the information contained in such press releases, where pertinent, in the Annual Reports for the year concerned.

Decision No. 7999-(85/90)

June 5, 1985

Publicity Upon Suspension of Voting Rights and Termination of Suspension

The Fund shall issue a press release upon its decision to suspend the voting rights of a member and thereafter upon termination of suspension and shall also include the information contained in such press releases, where pertinent, in the Annual Report for the year concerned.

Decision No. 10305-(93/32)

March 10, 1993

Use of Fund Resources—Release of Chairman’S Statement

After the Executive Board adopts a decision regarding a member’s request for the use of Fund resources, or a review under a Fund arrangement, a Chairman’s statement on the discussion, emphasizing the key points made by Executive Directors, will be released to the public. Before the statement is released, it will be read by the chairman to the Executive Board, and Executive Directors will have an opportunity to comment at that time.

Decision No. 11971-(99/58)

June 3, 1999

Public Information Notices for Policy Matters

After an Executive board meeting relating to policy issues, the Executive Board may decide to release a Public Information Notice on the discussion. This Public Information Notice would be based on a summing up of the discussion by the Chairman, or on the decision that may have been adopted by the Executive Board, or both, as the case may be. It would also include a short section setting out some background information on the relevant issue. The Executive Board will review this decision, in the light of experience, after a year.

Decision No. 11972-(99/58)

June 3, 1999

Pilot Project for the Publication of Article IV Consultation Staff Reports

The Fund establishes a pilot project under which a staff report on Article IV consultation discussions with a member, including one that also relates to the use of Fund resources, may be published. A member wishing to participate in the project will notify the Managing Director. Prior to the publication of a report, the member concerned may propose to the Managing Director the deletion of highly market-sensitive information. The Fund will publish (including on its web site) the report, along with the Public Information Notice and any statement by the member on the Article IV consultation, as soon as the Public Information Notice is finalized. A participating member will be free to withdraw from the project at any time. After a year, a review of experience under the project will be commenced. The project will terminate on October 4, 2000, unless otherwise decided by the Fund.

Decision No. 11973-(99/58)

June 3, 1999

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