D. Concluding Observations

International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Published Date:
September 1952
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In the Fund’s 1951 Annual Report, it was stated: “In the forthcoming consultations, the Fund will give full weight to the needs and problems of its members as well as to the effects of their actions on the international community and to the Fund’s objectives as set forth in the Articles of Agreement.” The Fund brings to the consultations a spirit of cooperation and a desire to be constructive and understanding. It sees the initiation of the consultations as the beginning of a process through which there can be provided not only a review with the countries concerned of the restrictions now being used but also the means of the Fund’s obtaining a better understanding of the situation in the member countries on which the basis may be laid for closer international collaboration and cooperation in the monetary field. During these consultations it is hoped that in many cases ways and means may be found for adapting or eliminating restrictions and for assisting members in overcoming the basic financial and economic difficulties leading to the use of restrictions.

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