International Monetary Fund. Monetary and Capital Markets Department
Published Date:
September 2000
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Status Under IMF Articles of Agreement
Article VIIIDate of acceptance: December 16, 1997.
Exchange Arrangement
CurrencyThe currency of Palau is the dollar.
Exchange rate structureUnitary.
Exchange arrangement with no separate legal tenderYes.
Exchange taxNo.
Exchange subsidyNo.
Forward exchange marketNo.
Arrangements for Payments and Receipts
Prescription of currency requirementsNo.
Payment arrangementsNo.
Administration of controlNo.
International security restrictionsNo.
Payment arrearsNo.
Controls on trade in gold (coins and/or bullion)No.
Controls on exports and imports of banknotesNo.
Resident Accounts
Foreign exchange accounts permittedn.r.
Accounts in domestic currency convertible into foreign currencyn.r.
Nonresident Accounts
Foreign exchange accounts permittedNo.
Domestic currency accountsNo.
Blocked accountsNo.
Imports and Import Payments
Foreign exchange budgetNo.
Financing requirements for importsNo.
Documentation requirements for release of foreign exchange for importsNo.
Import licenses and other nontariff measures
Negative listThe importation of controlled substances, guns, ammunition, nonquarantined fruits, live plants, and animals is restricted.
Import taxes and/or tariffsThe tariff for general imports is 3%; government, personal, medical, and food imports are exempted. The tariff for cigarettes is $0.50 per 20, and for tobacco, it is 150% ad valorem. Cosmetics and toiletries have a tariff of 25%; carbonated soft drinks, $0.10 per 12 ounces; beer, $0.03 per ounce; liquor, $0.30 per ounce; wine, $0.20 per ounce; wine coolers, $0.05 per ounce; liquid fuel, $0.05 per gallon; and vehicles, 5% ad valorem, plus $250.
State import monopolyNo.
Exports and Export Proceeds
Repatriation requirementsNo.
Financing requirementsNo.
Documentation requirementsNo.
Export licenses
Without quotasYes.
Export taxesExport taxes are levied on fish exports ($0.25 per kilo).
Payments for Invisible Transactions and Current Transfers
Controls on these transfersNo.
Proceeds from Invisible Transactions and Current Transfers
Repatriation requirementsNo.
Restrictions on use of fundsNo.
Capital Transactions
Controls on capital and money market instrumentsNo.
Controls on derivatives and other instrumentsNo.
Controls on credit operationsNo.
Controls on direct investment
Inward direct investmentThe Palau National Code restricts foreign direct investment without local ownership.
Controls on liquidation of direct investmentNo.
Controls on real estate transactions
Purchase locally by nonresidentsAccording to the constitution, only citizens of Palau and corporations wholly owned by citizens of Palau may acquire title to land or waters in Palau.
Controls on personal capital movementsNo.
Provisions specific to commercial banks and other credit institutionsSpecific provisions are applied only to the Palau National Development Bank, which is not involved in commercial banking.
Provisions specific to institutional investorsNo.
Other controls imposed by securities lawsNo.
Changes During 1999
No significant changes occurred in the exchange and trade system.

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