Appendix IV. Administrative Budget

International Monetary Fund
Published Date:
September 1964
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Letter of Transmittal

July 2, 1964

My dear Mr. Chairman:

The administrative budget of the Fund approved by the Executive Board for the Fiscal Year ending April 30, 1965 is presented herewith, in accordance with Section 20 of the By-Laws. The presentation also shows actual expenditures for the past two fiscal years.

I should like to reiterate that it is of course impossible to predict whether the amounts budgeted will, in fact, meet the requirements of the Fund’s program. The amounts shown are estimates of requirements on the basis of the expected level of activities. Should contingencies arise or present plans change materially, the management would recommend appropriate amendments to the Executive Board.

Yours sincerely,


P.-P. Schweitzer

Chairman of the Executive Board

Chairman of the Board of Governors

International Monetary Fund

Administrative Budget as Approved by the Executive Board for the Fiscal Year Ending April 30, 1965, Compared with Actual Expenditures for 1962-63 and 1963-64

Category of ExpenditureBudget

F.Y. 1964-65
F.Y. 1963-64Actual


F.Y. 1962-63

I. Board of Governors$ 674,000$ 377,000$ 367,657$ 312,278
II. Office of Executive Directors
Salaries$ 988,000$ 968,000$ 956,715$ 863,075
Other compensations and benefits205,000203,000195,669170,081
Total$ 1,462,000$ 1,386,000$ 1,332,747$1,217,565
III. Staff
Salaries$ 5,672,000$ 4,835,000$ 4,770,520$4,223,564
Other compensations and benefits1,899,0001,841,0001,768,6251,560,424
Total$ 8,946,000$ 8,011,000$ 7,738,186$6,820,858
IV. Special Services to Member Countries$ 682,000
V. Other Administrative Expenses
Communications$ 314,000$ 305,000$ 297,165$ 254,110
Office occupancy expenses513,000484,000473,713299,659
Books and printing254,000250,000177,954158,467
Supplies and equipment216,000220,000202,796176,435
Total$ 1,556,000$ 1,556,000$ 1,437,533$1,050,310

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