Appendix VI. Special Increases in Quotas

International Monetary Fund
Published Date:
September 1959
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Whereas on February 2, 1959 the Board of Governors adopted three Resolutions, the Third of which proposed certain special increases in quotas; and

Whereas the Executive Directors, having declared in the Section headed “Further Adjustment of Quotas” in their report entitled Enlargement of Fund Resources Through Increases in Quotas that they would as expeditiously as possible reach decisions on requests by other members for special increases in quotas, have now submitted to the Board of Governors a further report entitled Enlargement of Fund Resources Through Increases in Quotas—Special Increases and the following Fourth Resolution for a vote without meeting pursuant to Section 13 of the By-Laws of the Fund, which Resolution is similar to the Third Resolution and is subject to the decisions with respect to that Resolution contained in the report entitled Enlargement of Fund Resources Through Increases in Quotas;

Now Therefore the Board of Governors hereby Resolves that

Fourth Resolution

1. The International Monetary Fund proposes that, subject to the provisions of this Fourth Resolution, if increases in quotas take effect under the First Resolution adopted by the Board of Governors on February 2, 1959, the quotas of the following members shall be increased to the amounts shown against their names:

U.S. DollarsU.S. Dollars
Cuba100Saudi Arabia55

2. Paragraphs 2(i) and (iv), 3, 4, 6, and 8 of the said First Resolution shall apply to this Fourth Resolution.

February 24, 1959

The resolution was adopted by the Board of Governors, effective April 6, 1959.

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