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International Monetary Fund. Strategy, Policy, & Review Department
This note aims to provide guidance on the key principles and considerations underlying the design of Fund-supported programs. The note expands on the previous operational guidance notes on conditionality published over 2003-2014, incorporating lessons from the 2018-19 Review of Conditionality, and other recent key policy developments including the recommendation of the Management’s Implementation Plan in response to Independent Evaluation Office (IEO)’s report on growth and adjustment in IMF-supported programs. The note in particular highlights operational advice to (i) improve the realism of macroeconomic forecast in programs and fostering a more systematic analysis of contingency plans and risks; (ii) improve the focus, depth, implementation, and tailoring of structural conditions (SCs), with due consideration of growth effects; and (iii) help strengthen the ownership of country authorities. Designed as a comprehensive reference and primer on program design and conditionality in an accessible and transparent manner, the note refers in summary to a broad range of economic and policy considerations over the lifecycle of Fund-supported programs. As with all guidance notes, the relevant IMF Executive Board Decisions remain the primary legal authority on matters covered in this note.
International Monetary Fund. Fiscal Affairs Dept.
Cyprus’s government has enhanced financial oversight and governance of public entities over the past decade. Several legal and administrative measures have been implemented to support the oversight functions of the Ministry of Finance and introduce elements of good governance and accountability of public entities. As a result, the liabilities of public entities have remained stable and government guarantees have decreased. Looking ahead, the government plans to further strengthen the governance of public entities in line with best international practices. This report provides practical recommendations for improving corporate governance, enhancing accountability practices in public entities, and strengthening their financial oversight.