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International Monetary Fund. Western Hemisphere Dept.
This 2014 Article IV Consultation highlights that St. Vincent and the Grenadines’ economic recovery from the global economic crisis has been curbed by a series of significant natural disasters. These, combined with the economic downturn following the global financial crisis, have prevented the economy from returning to its long-term potential real GDP growth. The overall fiscal balance is estimated to have narrowed to 4.75 percent of GDP in 2014. After an estimated 1.1 percent growth rate in 2014, growth is projected to pick up modestly to 2.1 percent in 2015 on improvements in tourism and agriculture and enhanced implementation of much-needed rehabilitation and reconstruction projects.
International Monetary Fund

.0 percent in real GDP during 1991/92-2003/04, growth in physical capital contributed 1.4 percentage points, labor growth contributed 2.0 percentage points, and the remaining 0.7 percentage points was contributed by TFP ( Table II.3 ). Table II.3. Ethiopia: Sources of Growth and Potential Real GDP Growth (In percent) 1991/92-2003/04 Growth accounting Real GDP at factor cost 4.0 Capital stock 1.4 Labor 2.0 Total factor productivity 0.7 Potential GDP growth HP filter 4

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-term V. Medium-term Fiscal Management in Practice A. Medium-term Budget Frameworks in OECD Countries B. Medium-term Budgeting in Hungary References Tables 1. General Government by Function, 1997–99 2. EU Related Spending and Financing 3. Public Employment and Wages 4. Old-Age and Disability Pensioners 5. Ten-year Motorway Plan—Construction and Other Costs 6. Baseline Fiscal Scenario 7. Fiscal Scenario Comparison 8. Fiscal Reform Scenario 9. Fiscal Reform Scenario with FDI Response 10. Sensitivity Analysis to Lower Potential Real GDP