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Nicoletta Batini, Mario Di Serio, Matteo Fragetta, Mr. Giovanni Melina, and Anthony Waldron

comparison vis-à-vis multipliers from investment in other types of energy. Table 4. Cumulated Multipliers associated to Nuclear Energy Investment Spending Horizon Nuclear Energy Investments Multiplier Impact 4.11* 1 Year 3.97* 2 Years 3.88 3 Years 3.83 4 Years 3.80 5 Years 3.78 Note: * denotes multipliers with credible intervals, delimited by the 16 th and the 84 th percentiles, that exclude zero. B. Green Land Use Versus Non-Eco-Friendly Land Use Multipliers Figure 3 plots

Nicoletta Batini, Mario di Serio, Matteo Fragetta, and Mr. Giovanni Melina
This paper estimates multipliers for spending in clean energy and biodiversity conservation to help inform stimulus measures for a post-COVID-19 sustainable recovery. Using a new international dataset, part of which was especially assembled for this analysis, we find that every dollar spent on key carbon-neutral or carbon-sink activities—from zero-emission power plants to the protection of wildlife and ecosystems—can generate more than a dollar’s worth of economic activity. The estimated multipliers associated with green spending are about 2 to 7 times larger than those associated with non-eco-friendly expenditure, depending on sectors, technologies and horizons. These findings survive several robustness checks and suggest that ‘building back better’ could be a win-win for economies and the planet.