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Nicoletta Batini
France is the top agricultural producer in the European Union (EU), and agriculture plays a prominent role in the country’s foreign trade and intermediate exchanges. Reflecting production volumes and methods, the sector, however, also generates significant negative environmental and public health externalities. Recent model simulations show that a well-designed shift in production and consumption to make the former sustainable and align the latter with recommended values can curb these considerably and generate large macroeconomic gains. I propose a policy toolkit in line with the government’s existing sectoral policies that can support this transition.
Nicoletta Batini and Mrs. Delia Velculescu

simultaneously . A well-designed shift in agri-food to make production sustainable and consumption healthier would preserve this primacy, benefit the economy and help deliver France’s domestic and international environment and health targets. In the absence of these shift, by contrast, both France’s export primacy and such targets would be in jeopardy. 53. With this awareness, the government has already studied and debated alternative reforms for the sector . The paper reviews alternative, French-specific, recently-elaborated shift scenarios for the agri-food sector, which