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International Monetary Fund

, and bio-energy production; intensification of production, leading to overexploitation and pollution from excess nutrients and contaminants; and higher exploitation of remaining natural ecosystems. In the context of rising demand for food, water, and firewood, growing populations that lack the capabilities to minimize environmental impacts of production will be more susceptible to overexploiting and degrading their livelihoods. As a consequence of land use expansion and more intense use, global biodiversity loss will continue unabated or accelerate

International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.

THE TEMPERATURE of the Earth’s surface is rising, and no country will be spared the consequences. Many countries will experience the direct impact of climate change, such as more frequent (and damaging) natural disasters, rising sea levels, and biodiversity loss. But low-income countries will suffer the most from this global threat, despite having contributed very little to the problem. And within these countries, the poor will likely be the most severely affected. Domestic policies can help offset the impact of weather shocks. Strategies aimed at helping

International Monetary Fund


With less than five years left to achieve the MDGs, this year's report looks at the prospects and challenges for reaching the goals. It also examines the great diversity of performance across indicators, countries, and categories of countriesto determine the necessary policies to fill the remaining gaps.