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International Monetary Fund
This paper responds to the Board’s request for an assessment of eligible countries that could qualify for Fund debt relief under the MDRI once the requisite consents and requests have been received. Directors requested that, by end-2005, staff prepare, in collaboration with the World Bank, an assessment of the 18 post-completion point HIPCs, as well as eligible non-HIPCs, and propose for Board consideration a list of members that would qualify immediately for MDRI debt relief. Directors also requested that, for those members that do not presently meet the MDRI qualification criteria, remedial measures be expressly identified that would allow them to qualify for MDRI relief.
International Monetary Fund and World Bank

to Liberia equivalent to US$171.9 million on June 30, 2010, financed from the Liberia Administered Account (LAA). 4/ There is no remaining MDRI-eligible debt to the IMF. MDRI Trusts have been liquidated in 2015. The cost to the IMF for providing debt relief to Somalia and Sudan was not included in the original costing estimates; new financing would need to be secured when these members are ready to clear their arrears and embark on the HIPC Initiative and possible beyond-HIPC debt relief. 5/ IMF MDRI assistance to Cambodia and Tajikistan. 2

International Monetary Fund
The HIPC Initiative and MDRI are nearly complete, with 36 countries having already reached the completion point under the HIPC Initiative. Chad, in April 2015, is the latest country to reach the completion point. Debt relief under the Initiative has alleviated debt burdens substantially in recipient countries and has enabled them to increase their poverty-reducing expenditure by over one and a half percentage points of GDP between 2001 and 2014. Creditor participation in the HIPC Initiative has been strong amongst the multilateral and Paris Club creditors; however participation from other creditor groups still needs to be strengthened. The total cost of debt relief to creditors under the HIPC Initiative is currently estimated to be US$74.8 billion, while the costs to the four multilateral creditors providing relief under the MDRI is estimated at US$41.6 billion in end-2014 present value terms.