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International Monetary Fund
This paper sets out Management’s response to the Independent Evaluation Office’s (IEO) evaluation of IMF Response to the Financial and Economic Crisis. The implementation plan proposes specific actions focusing on the three of the four recommendations that received broad support from the Executive Board, namely (i) ensuring that the IMF as a quota-based institution has sufficient resources to contribute to future crisis resolution; (ii) developing guidelines for structuring engagements with other organizations, and (iii) consolidating and simplifying the current framework to identify and assess risks and vulnerabilities. Some of the proposed actions to address the Board-endorsed IEO recommendations are underway as part of the 2014 Triennial Surveillance Report (TSR) Action Plan, the FY2016–18 Medium-Term Budget and the ongoing efforts to ratify the 2010 Quota and Governance Reforms. The paper also explains how implementation will be monitored.
International Monetary Fund

Introduction 1. This paper lays out a forward-looking management implementation plan (MIP) for the IEO evaluation “IMF Response to the Financial and Economic Crisis ” . During the Board discussion of the report, Executive Directors welcomed the evaluation and were encouraged by the overall finding that the IMF had played an important role in the global response to the crisis. They were also reassured that IMF-supported programs reflected lessons from past crises and through a reformed lending toolkit, had helped members cope with the crisis fallout

International Monetary Fund

1. This progress report presents the key conclusions and recommendations of the IEO evaluation of data and statistics at the IMF that was discussed by the Executive Board on March 17, 2016. It also summarizes the IMF’s plan, approved by the Board in December 2015, for implementing the recommendations from the IEO evaluation of the IMF Response to the Financial and Economic Crisis and describes the IEO’s ongoing work. 2. Behind the Scenes with Data at the IMF—An IEO Evaluation examined whether the IMF’s policies and practices with respect to data and

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