Product tour

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Key features included in the video

Chapter One
The user has the ability to search within Publications or Pages, click on the most recent publications, or explore by country or region.
In this example, let’s type in the search term, “China.” 1,642 results are found. The user can print the results, save the results, share the results through a social networking site, change the text size, change the number of items displayed, select a sort by option, or select a different page of search results. Let’s refine these results—the choices are series, topic, or regions. If we select “Series,” and then World Economic Outlook, the results are now reduced to 32 items. The user can further refine by adding another search term, here for example 2010. Now there are 22 items—using the terms China, 2010, and World Economic Outlook.
Chapter Two
Let’s select Chapter 1 of the World Economic Outlook in our search results. You can scroll through and read the entire chapter. The tables have a special expand feature, where you can see the data more clearly and also copy/paste the information seamlessly into Excel. Figures are also easy to read and in color.
At the top of the page, you’ll see the name of the publication and the option to download the PDF, download the ePUB, or purchase a print copy. You see the table of contents for the publication and that we are in chapter one. Now you can print the chapter, save it, or cite the chapter. The eLibrary supports several formats and you can export it in the citation manager that meets your needs. The user can also e-mail a link to the chapter, share it, or change the text size. 
Chapter Three
If you select save, the chapter will be saved into your “My eLibrary.” We’ll go through that process with a new search on “Kenya.” Here, 444 items show up in the search results. Let’s refine by “Series,” and then “IMF Survey.” Three items are the result when using the term Kenya and refining by IMF Survey.  To save these search results, click Save. You can title the search, and select “notify me via email” if you would like to be alerted to any additions to this search query.
If you click on My eLibrary, you will see the search you have just saved and the chapter one from our first search. In My Content, you have the World Economic Outlook Chapter One, in My Searches, you have the Kenya search.

Chapter Four

From the home page, let’s use the Explore by country or region. Hover over each region to see a description of how the IMF groups these countries into departments. Let’s select the Middle East and then the country, “Iraq.” See, 450 results are returned.  Let’s sort these by date. The October 2010 World Economic Outlook is surfaced to the top of the results.