Free Subscription Policy

Academic, non-profit, and governmental institutions in developing countries can subscribe, free-of-charge, to statistical databases and publications through the IMF eLibrary. Eligible countries are listed below.
To obtain a license for your institution, please complete and sign this Online Services Agreement and send it to via e-mail or fax, +1-202-589-8752. The license agreement is also available in French and Spanish.
If you have questions, please email
 Developing Countries:
Afghanistan Ghana Marshall Islands Sierra Leone
Bangladesh Guinea Mauritania Solomon Islands
Benin Guinea-Bissau Micronesia South Sudan
Burkina Faso Haiti Moldova Sudan
Burundi Honduras Mozambique Tajikistan
Cambodia Kenya Myanmar Tanzania
Cameroon Kiribati Nepal The Gambia
Central African Republic Kosovo Nicaragua Timor-Leste
Chad Kyrgyz Republic Niger Togo
Comoros Lao P.D.R. Pakistan Tonga
Côte d'Ivoire Lesotho Papua New Guinea Tuvalu
Democratic Republic of the Congo Liberia Rwanda Uganda
Djibouti Madagascar Samoa Vanuatu
Eritrea Malawi São Tomé and Príncipe Vietnam
Ethiopia Mali Senegal Yemen
Zambia Zimbabwe