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    Current IMF policy allows free access for academic, non-profit, and government institutions in developing countries, in order to provide more support for research. The Free Subscription Policy page has details and a list of eligible countries.

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Books and Analytical Papers
Gain access to our thought leadership, unique studies, and important research.

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 • EXR Pamphlets
 • Glossaries
 • IMF Policy Discussion Papers
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 • IMF Staff Discussion Notes (January 2011 - to date) 
 • IMF Staff Position Notes (Jan. 2009 - Nov. 2010; see IMF Staff Discussion Notes) 
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IMF Statistics
Authorative IMF data and research resources delivered through online tools.

 • Balance of Payments Statistics
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 • International Financial Statistics
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 Periodicals and Reports
Nothing compares to our reports on where the global economy has been and may be heading.

 • International Monetary Fund Annual Report of the Executive Board
 • Annual Report on Exchange Arrangements and Exchange Restrictions
 • Articles of Agreement
 • By-Laws, Rules, & Regulations
 • Finance & Development magazine
 • Fiscal Monitor
 • Global Financial Stability Report
 • IMF Research Bulletin
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 • IMF Survey
 • Independent Evaluation Office Reports
 • MIscellaneous Publicaitons (other)
 • Other Official Reports and Documents
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 • Regional Economic Outlook Reports
 • Selected Decisions
 • Summary Proceedings
 • World Economic and Financial Surveys
 • World Economic Outlook