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Welcome to the IMF Publications Virtual Booth

Here you will find links to key resources that will help you learn more about the work and research of the IMF. Browse the eLibrary to access more than 23,000 items in our digital collection, visit our Essential Reading Guides for publications focusing on specific issue areas, and visit the IMF Meetings website for updates on the Spring and Annual Meetings. In 2023 the Annual Meetings will be held in Marrakech, Morocco, and a special reading guide has been developed with additional information and readings for the occasion.

Seasonal Highlights

World Economic Outlook April 2023

Global Financial Stability Report April 2023

Fiscal Monitor April 2023

External Sector Report 2022

Regional Economic Outlooks

IMF Annual Report 2022: Crisis Upon Crisis

Global Policy Agenda 2023

F&D Magazine: New Directions for Monetary Policy

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