News for April, 2014

April 27, 2014

Just released! Asia and Pacific REO: Sustaining the Momentum: Vigilance and Reforms

Asia's GDP growth is set to improve slightly in 2014-15, according to the latest Regional Economic Outlook....

April 24, 2014

Just released! Regional Economic Outlook, May 2014 : Western Hemisphere

Regional growth is projected at 2½ percent in 2014. A modest pickup, to 3 percent, is projected for 2015... read more> >

April 24, 2014

Just released! Regional Economic Outlook, April 2014: Sub-Saharan Africa

Economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa remains robust and is expected to pick up in 2014, according to the latest REO... read more > >


April 14, 2014

Just released! Jobs and Growth : Supporting the European Recovery

This book provides a number of guideposts that offer an opportunity for stronger and better-balanced growth and employment in Europe... read more > >

April 9, 2014

Just released! Fiscal Monitor, April 2014: Public Expenditure Reform: Making Difficult Choices

The global fiscal outlook has strengthened from six months ago, but repairing public finances remains a more > >

April 9, 2014

Just released! Global Financial Stability Report

As the U.S. transitions to a less accommodative monetary policy stance, global financial conditions are tightening, which poses new challenges and reveals vulnerabilities in some emerging market economies... read more > >

April 8, 2014

Just released! World Economic Outlook, April 2014 : Recovery Strengthens, Remains Uneven

The April 2014 WEO examines the causes and implications of increased financial volatility in emerging market economies, lower-than-expected inflation in advanced economies, and the withdrawal of monetary accommodation... read more >>