Enhanced eLibrary!

April 9, 2013

eLibrary Updates User Experience

The eLibrary has launched an improved user interface. Based on usability studies, enhancements to the homepage, search, navigation, and publication details have been implemented. 

The homepage has been restructured to highlight new and flagship publications, in addition to the news section. A new feature is a carousel of essential reading titles. There is also a multimedia block, for featured videos, blog posts, and more. 

The usability study revealed that people were expecting to see more intuitive ways to find items. The navigation now allows users to browse by new releases, countries, topics, publication series, and authors. 


The quick search has also been modified to allow visitors the option to search “All,” “Catalog,” “Title,” and “Author.” “All” is the default option and searches full text. The catalog option searches the metadata about the publications (e.g., title, author, abstract, key words). The title option and author option are targeted searches if you know exactly what you are looking for; note, the author option includes editor.

Once a search has been performed, the user can take advantage of more ways to narrow their choices. The first option is to search within results. Here you can add additional keywords. The second option is to only show the content within your subscription. Users can choose to see search results at the book and journal level or at the chapter and article level. Countries, topics, languages, and publication date are additional ways to refine the results.

The details about a publication have been updated to show the most important information upfront and at your fingertips. While the user scrolls through the content, a header remains visible at the top with the options to view/click on sections, figures, or references. Still available, the user can print, save, cite, email, or share their findings. jump to a different section, specific figure, or the references. Users can still take advantage of the ability to expand tables and copy/paste the information seamlessly into Excel. 

Personalized eLibrary

Have you tried the personalization features of the eLibrary? These are not new, but they are worth mentioning in case you haven’t tried them. You can save searches and content, setup alerts, and create custom books. Sign up for personalization by entering an e-mail and creating a password—single, sign-on will be removing this step soon so stay tuned. Then when you click on My eLibrary, you will see your most recent searches and content. Here you can select chapters and articles to compile a custom book.  A step-by-step guide is available for additional assistance. 


Training and webinars

The eLibrary team is excited to provide monthly webinars. The next webinar is May 9, 11am EST. It will cover both the eLibrary text and data sites.


Browse the enhanced, IMF eLibrary today. If you have any questions or would like more information, please fill out the contact us form.