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Samuel Paul

Many consider the use of community participation inappropriate, or too difficult, in large-scale internationally funded projects. But in some fields it may be the key to success

International Monetary Fund
The Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Program (EDPRP) was developed with the active participation and support of society, executive authorities, nongovernment organizations, academia, businessmen, and donors. The study additionally provides coordinated mechanisms for bilateral and multilateral international economic relations. In preparing this strategy, the government was ably assisted by the international donor community, including the IMF and World Bank, the European Union, and the governments of the United States, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Germany, as well as other organizations and governments.
International Monetary Fund

Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs) are prepared by the member country in broad consultation with stakeholders and development partners. Despite strong economic performance in recent years compared with Sub-Saharan African and WAEMU countries, Mali’s average annual growth rate of 4.6 percent is below the target of 7 percent provided in the PRSP. At end-2009, the situation in the banking and financial system was characterized by an increase in the money supply, an increase in net foreign assets, an increase in credit to the economy, and a decline in credit to the government.