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Adolf J.H. Enthoven

In an article in the last issue of Finance and Development Adolf J.H. Enthoven showed how accountancy has through its history continuously responded to new needs. In this article he indicates how he believes it should now respond to the requirements of the developing countries.

International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.

African finance ministers held a press briefing on September 28 in Washington to discuss IMF- and World Bank-related issues of particular concern to their countries. Participants were Martin Ziguele, Prime Minister in Charge of Finance of the Central African Republic; Ali Badjo Gamatie, Niger s Minister of Finance; Rigobert Andely, Minister of Finance of the Republic of the Congo; Julio Marcelino V. Bessa, Angolan Minister of Finance; Timothy T. Thahane, Minister of Finance and Development Planning of Lesotho; and Luisa Dias Diogo, Minister of Finance of Mozambique. Lucie Mboto Fouda of the IMFs External Relations Department moderated. The following is a summary of the press briefing. The full text is available on the IMF’s website.

Homi Kharas, R. Kyle Peters, Mr. Alan A. Tait, Phiroze Medhora, and Dale Weigel

This paper highlights the sources of payments problems in less developed countries. Growth in the industrial countries has a direct impact on the current account of the developing countries through its influence on both the prices and volumes of their exports. An increase in the real effective exchange rate is clearly a fundamental determinant of a deteriorating current account since, other things being equal, it tends to raise domestic demand for imports and to reduce foreign demand for exports.