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Romain Wacziarg and Mr. Athanasios Vamvakidis
The previous literature points to a high correlation between domestic rates of investment and savings among OECD countries. Some take this as evidence of limited financial integration in the industrialized world. This paper presents new empirical results, based on an extended sample of countries. The correlation coefficient in a regression of the rate of domestic investment on the rate of domestic savings is statistically insignificant most of the time and generally smaller than 0.3 for any sample other than the OECD. This finding is robust with respect to alternative time periods, subsample and estimation methods. In particular, we control for measurement error, business cycle effects, and country-specific fixed effects.
Mr. Athanasios Vamvakidis and Mr. Vivek B. Arora
This paper provides a quantitative assessment of the impact of economic growth in the United States on growth in other countries. Using panel data estimation, the paper finds a significant positive impact of U.S. growth on growth in the rest of the world, especially developing countries, during the past few decades. The evidence suggests that the impact of U.S. growth on other countries can be explained by the significance of the United States as a global trading partner. The paper provides estimates of the direct impact of trade with the United States on growth in several individual countries.