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International Monetary Fund. Monetary and Capital Markets Department
The CBS has taken steps to establish important pillars of a proper policy framework for financial reporting, auditing, and internal controls by approving the Internal Audit and Audit Committee Charters and is committed to address the remaining shortcomings in these areas. The Internal Audit Department (IAD) has made progress by initiating risk assessments of the various CBS business units and recruiting an Information Technology (IT) professional to join the team. The Accounting and Finance Department (AFD) is making progress in implementing accrual accounting, and accounting for foreign exchange operations (International Accounting Standard (IAS) 21), and has created a new role of Reconciliation Officer to ensure all cash transactions are recorded properly. However, the IAD functions without a director, which places the internal audit staff at a severe disadvantage to other departments and limits their authority to effectively implement their program. Also, while the mission team has stressed the importance of adopting International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) during this mission and the previous mission, the CBS has not formally indicated that it will adopt this framework.2 High priority recommendations were made to address these shortcomings. See Table 1 for homework assignments and high priority tasks.3
International Monetary Fund. Monetary and Capital Markets Department
This Technical Assistance Report discusses the recommendation made by the IMF mission to assist the authorities in Somalia in developing proper frameworks for internal auditing and accounting to bring them toward international accepted norms. The Internal Audit Department (IAD) needs an infrastructure to make the internal audit practices sustainable, repeatable, and professional. To this end, a proper internal audit charter, audit committee charter, and internal auditing manual needs to be drafted and approved by the management and Board of the Central Bank of Somalia (CBS). In addition, the management of the CBS should appoint a head for the IAD to lead the establishment of internal audit function and consider a flatter organizational structure so that the IAD can mobilize its resources more efficiently.