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Miss Rita Mesias


This Coordinated Direct Investment Survey Guide (Guide) has been prepared to assist economies in participating in the Coordinated Direct Investment Survey (CDIS). The CDIS is being conducted under the auspices of the Statistics Department of the IMF across a wide range of economies. The survey is conducted simultaneously by all participating economies; uses consistent definitions; and encourages best practices in collecting, compiling, and disseminating data on direct investment positions. The CDIS is thus an important tool in capturing world totals and the geographic distribution of direct investment positions, thereby contributing to important new understandings of the extent of globalization, and improving the overall quality of direct investment data worldwide. As of the writing of this updated Guide, more than 100 economies participate in the CDIS.

Edward A. Arowolo

CAPITAL FORMATION is one of the main factors responsible for economic growth, and the availability of capital is, consequently, one of the central themes in the discussions of growth possibilities in developing countries. Because of the considerable capital investment needs of the less developed countries, particularly in the provision of basic infrastructural and educational facilities and in the development of agricultural and industrial ventures, the emphasis on the availability of capital is not misplaced but should not be allowed to obscure the limit on the capacity of a country to absorb new investment. Success in the mobilization of needed capital for development has varied among countries and has depended on the availability of domestic savings within the economy and the inflow of foreign capital.