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International Monetary Fund
The global financial crisis has tested the effectiveness of supervision under the “Twin Peaks” model. The crisis revealed the strengths of the “Twin International Peaks” model, as decisions were able to be made in a timely manner to contain the crisis, and clear divisions of powers and responsibilities were instrumental in ensuring effective coordination between key agencies. However, the crisis also exposed certain areas where improvements could strengthen the “Twin Peaks” framework. Intensive and well-focused efforts are being made to strengthen the supervisory framework.
International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Corporate profitability is a source of uncertainty in a generally positive global market outlook, IMF International Capital Markets Department Head and Counsellor Gerd Häusler said at a June 12 press conference. Summarizing the findings (see charts, pages 194–95) of the IMF’s second Global Financial Stability Report, he noted that “the near-term outlook in mature markets is largely free of imminent threats, mainly because the world economy has recovered and has helped build support also for financial markets.” However, emerging markets in South America have come under recent pressure. This report is designed to “detect fault lines in global financial markets,” and a theme running through this issue is the uncertainty posed by the level and quality of corporate profits.