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International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.

The IMF announced on January 31 that it has published the Results of the 1997 Coordinated Portfolio Investment Survey. The survey, which was conducted by the IMF, is the first major internationally coordinated statistical initiative designed to gauge portfolio claims on individual countries by the world’s principal investing nations.

International Monetary Fund. Statistics Dept.
This Technical Assistance report focuses on Philippines’s monetary and financial statistics (MFS). In order to align the coverage of the other depository corporations survey to statistical standards, the mission recommended the inclusion of the money market unit investment trust funds in the survey. With the compilation of other financial corporation’s data, the Philippines is now able to produce intersectoral balance sheet approach (BSA). MFS with full coverage, together with quarterly international investment position and public debt statistics, are the building blocks for the BSA. The mission recommended a detailed action plan with the following priority recommendations carrying weight to make headway in improving MFS quality and completeness. The experience by BSP compilers on data reporting by Securities and Exchange Commission supervised corporations pointed to a need to enhance the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’s (BSP) authority to collect data for statistical purposes, which has been addressed by BSP management. Details on the priority recommendations and the related actions/milestones can be found in the action plan under Detailed Technical Assessment and Recommendations.
International Monetary Fund
The report covers national accounts, prices (consumer and producer prices), government finance, monetary, financial and international accounts (balance-of-payments and international investment position) statistics. Assessment of macroeconomic datasets was conducted using data quality assessment framework (DQAF). With the assistance of the Central Bank of Russian Federation (CBR), users’ survey was conducted. Users are satisfied with the methodological soundness, coverage, timeliness, and accessibility of official statistics, especially monetary and financial and balance of payments statistics. Based on the review, the mission has developed a set of recommendations.
International Monetary Fund. Statistics Dept.
This Technical Assistance Report discusses the findings and recommendations made the IMF mission to assist the Bhutanese authorities in improving estimates of annual GDP, and in developing methods for compiling quarterly GDP estimates. The mission found that the National Statistics Bureau (NSB) is engaged in a range of projects to improve Bhutan’s national accounts statistics. Updated annual GDP statistics signal an improvement in data quality, which should enhance policymakers’ ability to formulate and operationalize evidence-based decisions. Significant improvements to Bhutan’s national accounts statistics can be achieved using a three-step process. The NSB should also keep in mind the need to incorporate methodological and conceptual/definitional revisions during the benchmarking and rebasing process.
Dirk Jan Grolleman and David Jutrsa
The withdrawal of correspondent banking relationships (CBRs) remains a concern for the international community because, in affected jurisdictions, the decline could have potential adverse consequences on international trade, growth, financial inclusion, and the stability and integrity of the financial system. Building on existing initiatives and IMF technical assistance, this paper discusses a framework that can be readily used by central banks and supervisory authorities to effectively monitor the developments of CBRs in their jurisdiction. The working paper explains the monitoring framework and includes the necessary reporting templates and an analytical tool for the collection of data and analysis of CBRs.