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Israel Fainboim Yaker and Mr. Ian Lienert
Los departamentos del FMI elaboran Notas Técnicas y Manuales para ampliar la divulgación de su asesoramiento en materia de asistencia técnica. Estos documentos presentan recomendaciones y pautas generales, algunas extraídas de informes de asistencia técnica inéditos, a un público más amplio. El lanzamiento de esta nueva serie fue en agosto de 2009.
William Joseph Crandall
This technical note focuses on the concept of autonomy and describes why it is important in public administration. There has been a tendency for governments to increase the autonomy of their departments and agencies. The basic principle is that such autonomy can lead to better performance by removing impediments to effective and efficient management while maintaining appropriate accountability and transparency. This note explains how autonomy is relevant for revenue administration and what is the range of autonomy currently practiced. The paper also describes key measures of autonomy in revenue administration.
Mr. Ian Lienert
This paper examines the role of the legislature in budget processes. The paper highlights that for promoting good governance and fiscal transparency, the legislature’s active engagement in the budget process is essential. When fiscal policies and medium-term budgetary objectives are debated in parliament, budget strategies and policies are “owned” more widely. However, more active participation by the legislature runs the risk that fiscal discipline deteriorates. In countries where the legislature has unrestrained budget amendment authority, parliament is prone to introduce changes that increase spending or reduce taxes.