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Helen Hughes and Goran Ohlin

The industrialization of developing countries is transforming patterns of production and trade throughout the world. The authors outline the national and international policy implications embodied in these changes.

Bela Balassa

SinceWorldWarII, Norwayhassuccessfullypursuedapolicythatmightbefollowedwithadvantagebydevelopingcountriesthathavealreadybuiltanindustrialbase—thatofexpandingmanufacturingindustriesintheframeworkofanopeneconomywithlowtariffbarriers.

Jack Baranson

This article attempts to evaluate the obstacles that stand in the way of economic integration of the automobile industry under the Montevideo Treaty governing the Latin American Free Trade Association.

K. S. Sundara Rajan

Preferential tariffs would help the exports of the developing countries. Would this desirable result be outweighed by disadvantages and difficulties? The author of this article, in presenting a case for such preferences, argues that it would not.

Mr. Jonathan Levin

The author shows how economic analysis of the base for a sales tax in Colombia revealed the tax’s potential value, and suggests that similar analyses might be used to evaluate the bases for other types of taxes in other developing countries.