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International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.

Following is the statement issued by the Group of Seven finance ministers and central bank governors at the conclusion of their meeting on September 20.

International Monetary Fund
This Selected Issues paper examines the strengthening of the external current account for the Netherlands. It reviews this issue, concluding that the change in corporate profitability in a new wage environment was a crucial element, alongside fiscal consolidation, in turning around the current account—which has now moved into strong surplus. The paper analyzes the performance of the financial sector. It also reviews the experience of a decade and a half in a de facto monetary union for the Netherlands.
International Monetary Fund
This note reflects macroeconomic and fiscal forecasts presented with the April 2009 World Economic Outlook, as well as information on fiscal stimulus and financial and industrial sector support gathered through mid-May. It follows the request by G-20 leaders for the Fund to assess regularly the actions taken by countries to address the global crisis and accelerate the recovery.
International Monetary Fund
This paper quantifies the fiscal implications of the crisis, assesses the status of fiscal balances after the shock, and discusses the strategy to ensure fiscal solvency. The focus is primarily on advanced and emerging economies, complementing the Board paper on the effect of the crisis on low-income countries. While, for practical purposes, some of the empirical evidence presented refers only to the G-20, information is provided also for other countries, and the analysis also applies to them. A Companion Paper provides supporting material. As a general caveat, the estimates presented are subject to a significant degree of uncertainty, and developments should be closely monitored as new information becomes available.