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International Monetary Fund. Fiscal Affairs Dept.
Tax policy in Ukraine is engaged in two fronts at once. On one front, very significant work has been done over the years on the gradual improvement and updating of the tax system; on the other, it questions essential tenets of the existing system, exploring fundamental changes to it. While serious efforts have been devoted, for example, to the modernization of the international aspects of the income tax, upgrading the regime to OECD standards, there is a strong push from some quarters of the policy debate to do away with the Corporate Profit Tax (CPT) altogether. The central idea is to replace it with a Distributed Profit Tax (DPT), generally referred to in Ukraine as the Exit Capital Tax (ECT). In essence, this system would not tax profits as they accrue to the corporation, deferring the tax to when the corporation distributes dividends to the shareholder.
International Monetary Fund. Western Hemisphere Dept.
Covid-19 has exacted a tragic human, social, and economic toll on Mexico. Over 85,000 lives were lost; unofficial estimates are notably higher. Of 12 million workers that lost their jobs, most of whom came from the informal sector with a limited safety net, over 4 million remain out of the workforce. The working poverty rate jumped to 48 percent. After a historic drop in output, there has been a trade-led bounce in manufacturing. But domestic demand is weak, as is services activity that employs most of the workforce. Staff projects the economy to shrink by 9 percent this year, followed by a gradual recovery. It could take years for employment and incomes to return to pre-crisis levels, compounding the long-standing challenge of achieving strong and inclusive growth.