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International Monetary Fund. European Dept.

This Selected Issues paper examines social spending reform and fiscal savings in Slovenia. Rising expenditure has been at the root of Slovenia’s fiscal deterioration since the onset of the crisis. The paper explores reform options to reduce Slovenia’s social spending over the medium and long term. It discusses key features of the pension system, and analyzes the evolution of pension spending in the absence of reforms. The paper also examines the health and education spending and provides a framework to assess their efficiency relative to other countries.

International Monetary Fund

This Selected Issues paper and Statistical Appendix examines the revenue and expenditure trends of the Croatia from a cross-country perspective and illustrates the medium-term fiscal outlook under two scenarios: one assumes gradual fiscal adjustment and structural reforms; the other assumes stronger fiscal adjustment and a more aggressive approach to structural reforms. The paper analyzes Croatia’s revenue structure to provide a perspective for the medium-term revenue policy. It also identifies the expenditure items that could be streamlined over the medium term, and presents alternative medium-term fiscal frameworks.

International Monetary Fund
The development of the Croatian financial sector has faced many of the difficulties experienced by other transition countries. Recent troubles have exacted a significant macroeconomic price but the strategy implemented by the Croatian National Bank (CNB) since the approval of the new banking law promises the early resolution of the more immediate problems. GDP at constant prices, trends in total labor costs, price developments, retail inflation rates, agricultural production, consolidated central government fiscal accounts, government employment, health insurance, disability and retirement insurance, and so on are presented in detail.
International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
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International Monetary Fund

This Selected Issues paper examines the progress of Slovenia by focusing on four interrelated topics that are critically important to the evolution of the transition process and provides insights into the work that lies ahead. The paper concludes that the voucher-based privatization process has failed to truly transform the ownership structure of socially owned enterprises. The paper also investigates the inflation process in Slovenia through an empirical examination of some commonly used determinants of inflation in transition economies.