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Mr. Patrick Fossat and Mr. Michel Bua
Since the early 1990s, major tax administration reforms have been implemented in the Francophone countries of sub-Saharan Africa, with significant support from the IMF and development partners. While the reforms have contributed to an increase in revenues, attention is still needed to address a number of weaknesses in these countries’ tax administrations. A review of the conditions for successful modernization of the tax administration shows that significant changes are needed to ensure better utilization of technical assistance, improve the governance of reforms, and provide the tax administrations with greater flexibility in managing their resources.
International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Programme de travail du FMI ; recommandations du FMI sur le taux de change ; accords commerciaux asiatiques ; Asie centrale ; coopération économique ; le Cameroun après l'allègement de la dette ; spread des banques autrichiennes ; conférence sur les indicateurs de solidité financière ; Caruana : évolution des responsabilités en matière de mondialisation financière.
International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
IMF work agenda; IMF exchange rate advice; Asia's trade pacts; Central Asia: economic cooperation; Cameroon after debt relief; spread of Austrian banks; conference on financial soundness indicators; Caruana on shifting roles in financial globalization.
International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
Programa de trabajo del FMI; asesoramiento del FMI sobre tipos de cambio; pactos comerciales en Asia; cooperación económica en Asia central; Camerún tras el alivio de la deuda; expansión de los bancos de Austria; conferencia sobre indicadores de solidez financiera; Caruana aborda los cambios de funciones que trae aparejados la globalización financiera.
Mrs. Claire Liuksila


This booklet is a collection of papers presented at a seminar on policies for growth in Africa, held in Paris in February 1995 and sponsored by the Ministry of Finance of Japan. The seminar focused on four broad themes: how to enable the private sector to play a lead role in the growth process in Africa; how to boost domestic savings and help the financial sector to contribute to the mobilization and efficient us of resources; how to facilitate foreign aid and make it more effective; and, what are the essential elements of sound debt management practices?

International Monetary Fund. External Relations Dept.
This paper describes the need to improve public finance for development. The paper underscores that public finance affects aggregate resource use and, together with monetary and exchange rate policies, influences the balance of payments, the accumulation of external debt, and the inflation, interest, and exchange rates. It highlights that public spending taxes, user charges, and borrowing also affect the behavior of producers and consumers, and influence the distribution of wealth and income in any economy.