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International Monetary Fund
This paper reviews economic developments in the Marshall Islands during 1996–98. Real GDP declined by 15.2 percent and 5.3 percent in FY1996 and FY1997, respectively, reflecting mainly the effects of the adjustment measures implemented by the government since 1996 under the Policy Reform Program aimed at correcting the large imbalances in the public finance and external sector. Agriculture and fishing activities declined in FY1996 but recovered partially the following year. Construction fell sharply in FY1996 and stagnated in FY1997 with no new major projects following the completion of a 150-room hotel and the dry dock.
International Monetary Fund
This report describes economic developments in the Marshall Islands during the 1990s. Real GDP grew by 3.7 percent in 1995. Copra production increased, owing mainly to more frequent inter-island transport services by government-owned ships. Construction activity was boosted by the availability of external concessional aid financing for a high school and a garment factory, foreign direct investment on a dry dock, and a government-sponsored 150-room hotel. Value added from the transport, communications, and energy sectors rose, owing in part to an improvement in the financial performance of government-owned enterprises.