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Mr. S. E Oppers
This paper formalizes Irving Fisher’s century-old model of bimetallism and adds the important “disequilibrium” dynamics to deal with the long periods during which bimetallic countries were on effective monometallic standards. It resolves a long standing puzzle in the bimetallic literature regarding the remarkable stability of the gold/silver price ratio in the nineteenth century by modeling the bimetallic mint ratio as a regulating barrier to the gold/silver price ratio. It thus provides a clean-cut example of a target-zone model that—in contrast to other such models in the literature—exhibits the main predicted nonlinearities in the data. This is a Paper on Policy Analysis and Assessment and the author(s) would welcome any comments on the present text. Citations should refer to a Paper on Policy Analysis and Assessment of the International Monetary Fund, mentioning the author(s) and the date of issuance. The views expressed are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent those of the Fund.
Mr. Saíd El-Naggar


Recent developments at both the international and national levels - including the globalization of financial markets and the wave of liberalization, deregulation, and privatization- have pushed the issue of financial markets to the forefront of the development agenda. This book, edited by Said El-Naggar, comprises the proceedings of a seminar held in Abu Dhabi in January 1994. It provides a comprehensive analysis of various aspects of capital markets in general and particularly in the Arab countries.