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International Monetary Fund
This paper assesses recent developments in gas markets and the implications for Algerian gas demand and prices. Algeria’s gas production is stable but its share in global gas production has been on a downward trend since the early 2000s. The impact of a change in the spot oil price (WTI) on gas prices can be statically examined with a vector autoregression (VAR). The impact of spot oil prices on Algeria’s contracted gas price remains strong, but export volumes are under pressure.
International Monetary Fund
Algeria’s local corporate bond market provides a good basis for further diversifying the economy’s financing channels. This study analyzes the nexus of bank financing of public enterprises in the ongoing national investment program (NIP) and also sets Algeria’s local corporate bond market in a cross-country perspective. It develops options for developing local capital markets during the timeframe of the NIP, and considers improvements in some aspects of market functioning. The authorities have taken measures to help the banking system increase lending to public enterprises over the next few years.
Amer Bisat, Mr. Mohamed A. El-Erian, Mr. Mahmoud El-Gamal, and Mr. Francesco P Mongelli
The paper considers investment and growth in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Notwithstanding cross-country differences, investment as a whole has been too low, too heavily tilted toward the public sector, too highly dependent on external influences, and less productive than in many other regions. Improving the region’s investment performance is critical if policymakers are to succeed in increasing the region’s economic growth rate. After discussing the relationship between investment and growth, the paper analyzes the investment responsiveness of various countries in the region and notes the policy priorities for strengthening the basis for rapid and sustained economic growth.