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Ms. Magda E. Kandil, Mrs. Genevieve M Lindow, Mr. Mario Mansilla, Mr. Joel Chiedu Okwuokei, Jochen M. Schmittmann, Qiaoe Chen, Xin Li, Marika Santoro, and Solomon Stavis
The paper examines the determinants of employment growth, drawing on data available across a sample of Caribbean countries. To that end, the paper analyzes estimates of the employment-output elasticity and the response of employment growth to major sources of labor market determinants, in the long and short run. The main determinants of employment include government investment and private sector credit, while the major determinants of external performance are real effective exchange rate, the price of major exporting commodities, the number of tourists, and growth in major trading partners. The paper concludes with a menu of policy recommendations and structural reforms towards sustaining high employment growth and higher living standards in the Caribbean.
International Monetary Fund
This Selected Issues paper for Suriname describes the structure of the financial system, and provides a preliminary assessment of the conditions of the banking system. It highlights the need for a comprehensive public sector reform, targeting both the civil service and the public enterprises, and reviews the recent policy developments and financial sector reforms. It also provides the IMF's projections and estimates for Suriname on central government operations in percent of GDP; central government revenues, grants, and expenditure in billions of guilders and in percent of GDP; summary accounts of the banking system, and so on.