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International Monetary Fund. African Dept.
In June 2010, the International Development Association (IDA) and the IMF agreed that Comoros had met the requirements for reaching the decision point under the Enhanced Heavily Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC) Initiative. As a result of the debt reconciliation exercise for the completion point, the present value of eligible external debt at end-2009 has been revised upward. Full delivery of HIPC assistance together with additional bilateral assistance beyond HIPC and Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative (MDRI) debt relief at the completion point would reduce Comoros’ external debt burden significantly.
International Monetary Fund
The statistical data on gross domestic product, cost structure of vanilla exports, production of meat, fish, and dairy products, consumer price index, and consolidated government financial operations of Comoros have been presented in this paper. The wage bill developments, consolidated net statement of public enterprises, monetary survey, summary statement of the central bank, volume and value of principal exports, geographical distribution of trade, external debt payments, arrears by creditors, and related economic indices have been included in the statistical data.
International Monetary Fund
In this study, the following statistical data are presented in detail: GDP at current market prices; prices of export crops; production and consumption of electricity; indicators of tourism activity; indicators of population, education, and employment; monetary survey; summary statement of the central bank; structure of interest rates; balance of payments; volume and value of principal exports and imports; breakdown of the government wage bill; external debt outstanding by creditors; summary of tax system; consolidated government expenditure; wage bill developments by ministry; and so on.
International Monetary Fund
In recent years, the IMF has released a growing number of reports and other documents covering economic and financial developments and trends in member countries. Each report, prepared by a staff team after discussions with government officials, is published at the option of the member country.
International Monetary Fund
This paper reports economic developments in Comoros during the 1990s. Growth picked up during 1991–93, but there was continuing pressure on public finances and the balance of payments. After widening sharply in 1991, the primary budget balance improved significantly during the second half of 1992 and in 1993, as strong measures were taken to reduce current expenditures. The current account continued to be weak, owing to the narrow export base and the declining export prices of vanilla and cloves.