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International Monetary Fund. African Dept.
This Selected Issues paper assesses the main fiscal trends of the Comorian economy over 2005–15. It highlights continued difficulties in the fiscal performance of and the outlook for Comoros as a result of systemic challenges in revenue administration and public financial management. In particular, there is a structural imbalance between domestic resource mobilization and current spending, especially on public wages and salaries, leaving little scope for domestically financed capital spending, which is essential for economic growth and social development. This fiscal imbalance is more pronounced than in similar sub-Saharan African countries, even after taking into account sizable one-off budget grants that benefited the Comorian economy.
International Monetary Fund
This paper puts forward a package of proposed decisions to implement the Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative (“MDRI”) and establish the Exogenous Shocks Facility within the PRGF Trust; it also provides a Commentary on key aspects of the decisions. The proposed decisions generally reflect the overall structure and modalities that have been identified by the staff and endorsed by Executive Directors in the several meetings held to date concerning the G-8 debt relief proposal/MDRI and ESF.
Mr. Ernesto Hernández-Catá and C. A. François


Following a serious deterioration of the competitive position of the WAEMU region in the 1980s and the eary 1990s, the countries took steps that have led to a significant turnaround in economic activity, a drop in inflation, and increases in output, exports and investment. This study describes policy issues that the region continues to face and suggests how the WAEMU countries can address them.