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International Monetary Fund
The principal standard against which the transparency of Cameroon’s macroeconomic and sociodemographic data is assessed by the IMF’s General Data Dissemination System (GDDS). The coverage, periodicity, and timeliness for macroeconomic data in Cameroon are summarized in this study. The quality of the data, including their integrity and accessibility features, is assessed through an experimental data quality assessment framework that identifies six key aspects by which to judge the data. Economic data in Cameroon are also collected by statistical units in other government ministries, institutions, and civil registration offices.
Mr. Paul Louis Ceriel Hilbers, Ms. Marina Moretti, and Krueger Russell

As countries in East Asia and elsewhere weigh far-reaching measures to strengthen their financial systems, increase transparency, and address systemic issues affecting their financial sectors, a number of critical questions arise. How can the IMF strengthen its surveillance over countries’ financial systems in the context of Article IV consultations? What indicators of the soundness and vulnerabilities of financial systems (that is, macroprudential indicators) can be used most effectively to monitor financial system stability? Should the international community establish guidelines and standards for the compilation of such indicators and, in general, aim for harmonization of efforts in this area?