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International Monetary Fund. Statistics Dept.
In response to a request from the European Department, a Public-Sector Debt Statistics (PSDS) technical assistance (TA) mission was conducted in Chisinau during October 2–8, 2019. The mission funded by the Data for Decisions (D4D) multi-donor trust fund and followed up on a D4D Public Sector Debt Statistics (PSDS) workshop held in Vienna, Austria during July 2019, where participants from Moldova identified data gaps with current compilation of debt statistics. The mission primarily worked with the Ministry of Finance (MOF) Public Debt Department (PDD), but also had discussions with the Budget and Treasury Department. Outside the MOF, the mission had meetings with the Public Property Agency (PPA), the Municipality of Chisinau and the National Bank of Moldova (NBM). Finally, the mission also held a joint meeting with representatives of a separate IMF TA Mission on sectoral accounts with Treasury and attended the concluding meeting of that mission with the NBM.
International Monetary Fund. Statistics Dept.
This Technical Assistance report on the Republic of Moldova constitute technical advice provided by the staff of the IMF to the authorities in response to their request for TA. The mission recommended that the National Bank of Moldova (NBM) play the lead role in the production of financial balance sheet statistics (FABS). Coordination of the activities of the agencies involved in the project is key to its success. In addition, the mission recommended that the NBM create a higher level group to act as a monitoring committee. The role of this group should be to ensure that the work of the interagency group is proceeding satisfactorily and on time, and to resolve any conceptual or practical issues that the technical group cannot agree on. It should meet at least twice a year, however, may need to meet more often in the earlier part of the project. The NBM agreed with the plan, which aims to compile and FABS publish annual and quarterly by March 2022. By March 2020, the NBM will generate sector annual financial balance sheet data for the 2015–2018 period using existing data. The report recommends organizing a seminar for compilers, the objective is to explain the goal of FABS, present the challenge and the methodology.