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International Monetary Fund. Independent Evaluation Office


This paper discusses that the Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) has also launched three new evaluations—which will analyze the IMF’s role on fragile states, its financial surveillance activities, and its advice on unconventional monetary policies—and two evaluation updates—which will look into the IMF’s exchange rate policy advice and structural conditionality. The evaluation found that, for the most part, the IMF’s euro area surveillance identified the right issues during the pre-crisis period but did not foresee the magnitude of the risks that would later become paramount. The IMF’s surveillance of the financial regulatory architecture was generally of high quality, but staff, along with most other experts, missed the buildup of banking system risks in some countries. The report found several issues with the way decision making was managed by the IMF. In May 2010, the IMF Executive Board approved a decision to provide exceptional access financing to Greece without seeking preemptive debt restructuring, even though its sovereign debt was not deemed sustainable with a high probability.

International Monetary Fund


This paper presents Selected Decisions and Selected Documents’ Supplement to Eighth issue of the IMF. This volume, which is presented as a Supplement to the Eighth Issue of Selected Decisions of the IMF and Selected Documents includes general decisions adopted by the IMF since May 10, 1976, the date of publication of the Eighth Issue. Some of these decisions were adopted in connection with the Second Amendment of the IMF's Articles of Agreement that took effect on April 1, 1978. All references to the Articles and to the By-Laws, Rules and Regulations in this Supplement are to the Articles of Agreement as modified by the Second Amendment and to the By-Laws, Rules and Regulations of the Thirty-Fifth Issue, July 1, 1978, respectively, unless indicated otherwise. The IMF has not yet completed the process of making the modifications in existing decisions, and adopting the new decisions, that are required in connection with the Second Amendment. The Ninth Issue of this collection will be published as soon as this task of adaptation is complete. It will include the decisions in the Eighth Issue that remain in effect, the decisions in this Supplement, and any further decisions that are adopted. Meanwhile, in view of the accumulation of new and modified decisions, there is need for this Supplement.