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International Monetary Fund. Statistics Dept.
The IMF’s Statistics Department (STA) conducted a technical assistance mission to support the Central Bank of Montenegro (CBM) for the compilation of external sector statistics in Montenegro during January 20–31, 2020. The mission recommended that the CBM compile preliminary quarterly International Investment Position data and submit them to STA for review by the end of December 2020. The mission recommended that the CBM start recording the Economic Citizenship Program (ECP) according to the characteristics of the payments from the applicants by the end of March 2020. The ECP was just introduced in 2019 and details of the program were not made available during the mission. The mission advised that the payments from applicants for the ECP should be recorded in services, current or capital transfers, or direct or portfolio investment, according to the characteristics of the payments. The CBM plans to start recording data based on the information obtained from the international transaction reporting system (ITRS). The mission advised that the CBM approach the agency in charge of the ECP to collect precise information on the characteristics of the payments and cross-check the data from the ITRS.
Mr. Carlos Sanchez-Munoz, Mr. Paul A Austin, Alicia Hierro, and Ms. Tamara Razin


The 2019 Annual Report of the IMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics (the Committee) provides an overview of recent trends in global balance of payments and international investment position statistics, summarizes the Committee’s work during 2019, and presents the work program of the Committee in the coming year.

International Monetary Fund. Statistics Dept.
This Technical Assistance Report on Zambia highlights the dissemination of external sector statistics during the Department for International Development—Enhanced Data Dissemination Initiative 2 Project Module 1. The mission recommended breakdowns in the International investment position (IIP) table that are of analytical relevance, such as government securities issued abroad and issued domestically, and loan liabilities of the government and other sectors. The integrated IIP is key to verifying the consistency between the positions, the transactions, and other changes. The accuracy of the components within the international reserves in the balance of payments and in the IIP can be further improved. Valuations changes in positions are being included in the balance of payments for some components, such as government external debt and reserve assets, and should be removed from transactions. In order to support progress in different work areas, the mission recommended a detailed action plan with several priority recommendations.