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International Monetary Fund
This paper provides additional detail for the framework discussed in “Enhancing Surveillance – Interconnectedness and Clusters” through theoretical and empirical analysis of linkages, including case studies of Saudi Arabia, the Asian supply chain, financial interconnectedness and cross-border policy dependence in banking, and the Sweden-Baltic connections. It also provides a detailed primer on network analysis.
International Monetary Fund
Section I of this paper contains a discussion of the purpose of access rules, and Section II examines the Fund’s liquidity position. Section III discusses the potential demand for Fund resources resulting from several possible shocks. Section IV considers recent trends in access decisions and evaluates how they have conformed to the principles underlying the access rules, and whether the Fund’s liquidity would be a constraint to providing similar access in the period ahead. Section V summarizes recent developments in exceptional access and discusses issues pertinent to policy in such cases. Section VI concludes with the list of staff recommendations and the issues for discussion. Draft decisions on access to GRA and PRGF resources are provided in Section VII.